Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Images from the Past

This is another photograph from our family archives. It is a photo of my Great-Great Aunt Letitia with her daughter Pleasant and husband George.
These folks had all passed away before my time but I love this photograph. It appears that George had most everything of value to him present in this portrait, his family, car and home.


Kimberley said...

I think any thing involving "history" is so very interesting... and did you cahnge you "icon"?

Lucy said...

Wow...what a photo. It speaks volumes...and I always find it fascinating how people have presented themselves in photos in the past. There wasn't the posing and fawning for the camera like you see now--just the stern faces testifying to the reality of life--but also not displaying their probable great energy and joy.
Very cool photo.

Coy Hill said...

I find the old photos very interesting as well. Yes Luce, they were very "stiff" in front of the camera. I suppose slow shutter speed didn't help their spontaneity either. Kimberley, I did change my icon. My old pooch is 11yrs old now and he was getting tired popping up all over the cyberworld :) :)

Reeholio said...

Hi Salty Dawg,

Great photo. I love seeing old photos from days gone by. I have a few old photos similar to this I may have to post sometime.

Thanks also for stopping by my blog.

Regards, Rhys