Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Whitetail Rut

High excitement prevails in the Whitetail world during this time of the year for it is the annual mating season, commonly known of as the Rut. The bucks are searching frantically for willing females while at the same time defending their territory and breeding rights. At times violent battles will ensue and injuries may be sustained. Most injuries occur around the face although occasionally a fatal puncture wound will be incurred.

This buck is exhibiting the classic gait of a buck pursuing a doe. Bucks do not display this posture at any other time of the year.

Although this buck has sustained a serious injury to his right eye it has done nothing to quell his rutting fervor.

On this evening our injured buck challenged all bucks that dared to approach “his does” and even a buck larger that he gave ground, willing to move on rather than fight this battle scarred veteran.

The object of all their fervor seems totally unconcerned with
“The Boys Problems”!


Lucy said...

Great photos!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Ouch! That eye injury looks terrible.

Bill said...

A bit like what you see going on in a mall these days :)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

I wanted to make a comment like that, but I refraned. You know it's true, man.

Coy Hill said...

Yeah Bill, you got it right:-)