Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Whitetail Family Time

Watching young fawns cavort about their mothers in summer is quite entertaining. In this brief moment the attention of both are drawn to the same place creating a beautiful pose.

As one spends considerable time interacting with deer they will be continually amazed at the depth of the social structure in the herd and their intelligence. Deer possess much greater intelligence than most humans give them credit for. Much of their actions seem to be based on this intelligence rather than instinct. They also seem to possess communication abilities that are outside of our range of hearing although biologists have never confirmed this possibility.

The knowledge of deer behavior gained from hunting them is considerable, but to really know deer one must move beyond the realm of hunting and truly become friends with a herd, only then can one gain a full appreciation for one of the most beautiful animals in God’s Creation.


Anonymous said...

I love this. They are both so alert. Something sure has their attention.

I agree with the depth of the social structure. I spend a lot of time watching the deer at the Wildlife Safari and love to watch them interact. They seem so gentle and loving when they are grooming one another.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Good image.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! I love your animal shots.

Kekiinani said...

I just love deer... They are soo cute especially the babies with the spots. Of course we have no deer here well except on the neighbor islands there are a few.. But not here on Oahu. That I know of at least.. :) Great image just love the pose :)