Sunday, January 07, 2007

Scenic Vistas Defaced

While photographing our beautiful landscape at times I must be careful where I point my lens to avoid capturing scenes that are less than beautiful. Some folks who share our planet seem not to have any appreciation of the beauty God has bestowed upon our land.

This scenic vista can be seen from a natural overlook from the top of Tuscarora Mountain. The vantage point is located in the Buchanan State Forrest and is easily accessible.

Some of the folks who visit here feel led to leave more behind than others would care for. That their acts are illegal and frowned upon by most visitors does not hinder them in the least. According to our Forest Rangers the paint is most difficult to remove from the surface of the boulders. Forestry crews have tried a number of methods of removal and have settled on simply covering it up by spray painting over the graffiti with gray or brown auto primer to blend with the rock surface

The text of this graffiti seems to indicate an appreciation for nature but the act indicates otherwise.

Will archeologist many centuries from now study “21st Century” rock painting to gain a better understanding of the “primitive people” who lived during this time?

I cannot help but wonder


photowannabe said...

What you have photographed is really something I just can't understand. Why do people want to deface property or beauty? Its really beyond me.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

That Daniel guy's writing is now on the worldwide web. I don't think he ever imagined it would reach that far.

Unknown said...

Some people seem to have a need to "make their mark". Bathroom walls or gorgeous rocks in nature are the same to them I guess.

The first shot is breathtaking.

Bill said...

I am often amazed at what people think is OK.