Friday, February 02, 2007

A Cold Winter Night

A light snow passed through our area this afternoon. The sky cleared as darkness fell revealing a full moon shining beautifully over the new fallen snow. It brought back memories from my youth.

My bedroom was in the second story of the old farm house. The room was unheated with an inside temperature nearly the same as outside. A thick pile of blankets and quilts made my bed very snug after the initial shock of getting in. My bedroom had a window with a view. On cold crisp moonlit nights I would sometimes lie in bed looking out upon the beautiful snowscape until sleep would overcome me. As I viewed the scene outside my home tonight these memories came flooding back

No, I wouldn’t trade the comforts of my modern home for that drafty cold farmhouse. I no longer have to dread the thought of bare feet on a freezing floor, putting on ice cold clothes in the morning, or worse still stepping barefooted into the small snowdrift on the floor after a windy night. I no longer dread those things but neither do I feel the exhilaration of rushing down the cold staircase to hover over the delicious warmth radiating from the wood stove while savoring the sensation of the heat penetrating to my very core.

I would not want to go back, but the memories are precious
I will always treasure them

Our past is what makes us the person we are today


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Good post.

Unknown said...

Another of your great memory posts. I love the shot too.

photowannabe said...

Your memory posts are like another world to this urban dweller. I so enjoy hearing all about your life.
I like the quote about our past making us who we are today.
I almost forgot, love the magical picture too.

Lucy said...

Like Photowannabe, I love to hear about your life and I enjoy all your stories. Thanks for sharing your memories (and beautiful pictures).

Jill said...

Makes me cold just looking at the image. Nice post.

Nabeel said...

oh man .. tell me about it .. here it is cold winter mornings, afternoon, evenings and night.. no escape !