Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meet “Peter Cottontail”

This friendly little fellow is nibbling grass while looking for his daily handout

I shot this photo on our family farm last evening. Most summer evenings my Dad takes a tour of our farm on his John Deere Gator. Dad eats lots of apples and will keep the peelings in the glove box of his gator until he meets up with the wild bunnies. Although they will not hop over to them while he is there when he checks back the peelings are always gone.


Gabriella said...

Cute lil fellow. Last week our neighbor's 2 bunnies got loose and crawled under the fence onto the property we live on. Mark and I tried to catch them....but they were too quick...long story short, they liked hiding under the shed & their owners were able to catch them later the next day. They are both safe and sound in their fence in area. I'm not a rabbit fan...and I wasn't sure "how" to catch them. I had a towel and Mark told me to drop it on them when they came by. ha ha.

Kekiinani said...

Oh this is soooo cute. I love bunnies!! :) :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like your dad is a wildlife lover like his son is. I love whatever you did for this frame. Its perfect for the bunny.