Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Monarch: Exquisite, Delicate Beauty

The Monarch captures my imagination with its beauty and grace. I love watching them flit from flower to flower in search of their favorite energy drink. As I observe the delicate insect I am amazed that this fragile creature has the ability to survive the long migration to Mexico let alone being able to return next year to begin their life cycle anew.

I work in a world of machines, large machines designed to lift heavy loads. As I look at this butterfly I am struck by the fact that man, with all of his engineering knowledge has never created anything as marvelous as this butterfly nor is he likely to anytime soon.

On one of my many evening strolls I noticed both Monarchs and Yellow Swallowtails passing both ways through a screen of pines. I followed their route and found a stand of thistle with a number of butterflies checking and double checking the blossoms in hopes of one last meal before nightfall.


Unknown said...

Absolutely, positively gorgeous. The colors and designs of the creatures are wonderful. And its so hard to get one to sit still long enough to get the shot.

Ya done good Salty

Bergson said...

A very beautiful photograph.

a very coloured butterfly


Tom said...

Your words fit the photo perfectly, I fully agree with the wonder of nature, and feel awed by certain creatures and plants.

photowannabe said...

The whole cycle of a butterfly is such a masterful plan. I marvel at all the complexity. Beautiful colors and detail Salty. I like the way the thistles are going to seed and showing the change of seasons.

Kerri Farley said...

A Beautiful Shot!

ASHE said...

Hi, Aunt B! Welcome to the bloggisphere!

You guys caught me - that header is right out of pages 26 & 27 of "Down & Dirty" :)

Beautiful butterfly - they never seem to sit still long enough for me to get a clear shot :) I like how the orange and purple contrast.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Really good shot.

Catherine said...

Great shot!! They are beautiful~ the purple thistle against the orange make it even more so!! I once heard someone compare the Monarch's wings to stained glass window's~ I think they made a great comparison! I enjoy visiting your site, and seeing all your BEAUTIFUL photo's!!