Thursday, September 20, 2007

Antietam, Parting Shots

The final Union Assault was upon the Confederate right across what is now known as Burnside’s Bridge. This attack finally failed about 5:30pm with the arrival of Rebel troops under the command of Gen. A. P. Hill. The troops moved immediately into line of battle upon arriving after an exhausting seventeen mile march from Harpers Ferry effectively stopping the Union advance.

This cannon sits near where the Union troops entered Burnside’s Bridge.

A co-worker/friend of mine is taking a photography class taught by a former National Geographic photographer. The assignment for the fifth class is to shoot a scenic. He is required to shoot either in the morning between the hours of 7-9am or he may choose the evening between 5-7pm. I mentioned to him that Antietam would be a great place to shoot and took the opportunity to share this series with him. Following our conversation I began to make some mental notes concerning why I prefer the morning in most cases.

First I must admit I am a morning type of guy. My favorite part of the day is that peaceful time just before the sunrise. If you have ever shot anything other than the occasional snapshot I am sure you understand the effect of low angle lighting and its ability to enhance a photograph but naturally it is present both morning and evening.

Morning though is unique, heavy dew can make a scene sparkle or even become the subject itself. Ground fog can also be used to our advantage in many ways, and last but certainly not least; if the light is not correct for the shot envisioned, just wait, for it will improve. If this same situation presents itself in the evening the only remedy will be a return trip.

If it were necessary to choose between the two I am sure I would choose the morning but with that being said I would sorely miss the warm light that can only be found during a beautiful sunset.


Faye Pekas said...

These are some great photos and we've learned some nice history lessons.

I wish I was more of a morning person. I think I will be more so when I retire.

photowannabe said...

Nice lighting and this has been a terrific history lesson. Thanks Salty.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I love this light of the mornings, so clear and bright, and frosty or misty morning certainly take some beating. Sunset can be just as good and have their advantages.. but mornings win hands down for me.

Salty I know I've said it before but these last few post have been great, not just have I marvelled and your pictures and commentry, but the history as been a great lesson to learn. I thank you.

K M F said...

Great photo

Chad Oneil said...

Nice cannon shot with your Canon.

Mike said...

Very nice. I love the discussion. I have recently been on my trip out west and have taken pictures at sunrise and sunset give or take a couple hours. While I agree that the "golden hours" have good light I have been finding myself intriged with the harsh daylight of mid day.

I guess I enjoy bucking the trend.