Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yellow Swallowtail

Butterflies will soon be gone for another year so I will risk boring you with this Yellow Swallowtail. This old butterfly, although tattered, was flying vigorously among the blossoms.

Late this summer I have found most of my butterflies visiting thistle flowers. Thistles are considered a noxious weed by farmers and most landowners but in the scheme of nature thistle nectar and pollen is an important source of food for many insects while the seeds are hungrily sought after by birds.

The true value of nature is often not appreciated. Many folks spend their lives chasing the unholy dollar while ignoring the natural treasures we are blessed with. Mankind strives to control nature when instead we should be more concerned with learning to live in harmony with it.


ASHE said...

While I do agree with you that too many people are focused on short term profit over long term quality of life (that's part of why I'm in this profession!), I thought the battered butterfly was supposed to be a symbol of the grizzled photographer out in the field :P

David Pentecost said...

Hi Salty,
Really like the butterfly shots. Especially the "beauty in flight" one.

I was trail riding on my bicycle this weekend and rode into a small clearing where, much to my surprise, about 8-10 butterflies were resting in the branches about 12 inches from my face. Would haev loved to have a camera with me then!

Tom said...

I have a picture for tomorrow where a wasp is feding on a Thistle, it is a very good plant to be near when you have your camera at the ready.. one of the more colourful of our native finches 'The Gold Finch' loves these seeds and in Yorkshire as the name of 'The Colden Thistle Picker'.
Beautiful picture again Salty, and your words are so true and echo my sentiments on life. I can walk into my small back garden and be lost in thought by something that catches my eye, there is true wonder and beauty to be found every where.

lv2scpbk said...

A wonderful combination with the thistle and the butterfly. Love them both. I believe the thistle is Scotlands state flower. Is that right?

Tom said...

Iv2: Yes I think you are right there.

Kerri Farley said...

I will be so sorry when these beautiful creatures are gone.

Your pictures are NEVER boring!

Lori said...

Every time I see a tiger swallowtail I think of my sister, Julie and her 7th grade insect collection. Your photos are always so lovely!

Joy said...

I love this photo - since I love butterflies!

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