Saturday, December 08, 2007

He’s a Little Piggy!

“He’s a little piggy” my wife exclaimed when she first saw this image

This Blue Jay packed his beak full of corn kernels before flying up to a comfortable branch were he could break them apart one at a time. This was the first blue jay I have seen using this energy saving tactic.

I have taken classes at work that focus on eliminating non value added work. If this little fellow were to attend he would pass with “Flying Colors”


dot said...

How cute he is!
I had a big disappointment last nite. I saw where your wife had posted on my daughter's blog and I thought "oh boy!". But when I got to her blog she hadn't posted. Maybe she will soon or maybe you won't let her have the computer! LOL

smilnsigh said...

Lovely photo.

And yes, he is a cutie!


Tina Leigh said...

My blue jays just aint as pretty as yalls up north & it makes me mad! That is a great picture....the back ground & all...its really great. Mr. Abes's birds are more colorful too. What the heck is wrong with these ugly southern birds I'm stuck with down here?!

Meggie said...

My jays her in western PA are piggies, too. They are also the bullies of the birdfeeder. As always, Salty, great shot!

Anonymous said...

Tina Leigh,

Well, this is a mellow-looking, corn-fed, country bird who doesn't have to work for a living. Salty feeds him.

My birds won't touch corn, not even cracked, but will wait around all day, screaming, "A cat is coming, a cat is coming" until I take some peanuts out or some sunflower seeds. Then they shut up long enough to eat it.

Nice shot.

Lori said...

I love how he sticks out, even with the background being a similar color. Blue Jays are noisy, bossy little thing, but they are lovely.

imac said...

Nom value added work, Ah I'll retire haha.

Very nice post about your Blue Jay.

Steam post up now.

Coy Hill said...

Sorry about your disappointment but commenting is as close to blogging as I can get the Mrs.

Cute but ornery!

What can I say? There has to be some benefit to living up here other than freezing! :)

Pretty bullies but I bet they all run like scared chickens when the hawks show up, like they do around Abe's :)

Yeah, he is an ‘ol corn fed mountain bird. He’s not as spoiled as your smazzie pazzie city birds :) :) at least not yet!

I shot this with a 400mm lens at F5.6 against a snowy tree covered hillside in the background. The shallow depth of field allowed the background to blur.

Retire……….. If only I could!! I’m afraid I will have to wait a few years!

photowannabe said...

Life is good in retirement so how come I seem to do a lot of non value added work around here?....
Great picture of that little "piggie"

Unknown said...

I like that mohawk of his.