Monday, January 07, 2008

And the Winner is...Landscapes!

For the past week I have had a poll in the right sidebar asking you to vote for your favorite Country Captures content. With a total of seven votes Landscapes won with a total of four, followed by Birds with two votes and Animals with one.

This shot is Fulton County Pennsylvania’s Great Cove. The photograph was taken from the Texas Eastern Pipeline looking towards Tuscarora Mountain.

Thanks for voting and please participate in todays new poll


imac said...

Fantastic photo Salty.

dot said...

Somehow I missed the poll. I love that photo tho.

photowannabe said...

Really beautiful. You have captured a very peaceful serene scene.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I missed the poll as well so I'll make sure to check it out now that I know you do these.

I like the new banner!!

Happy New Year!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Tom said...

Great shot Salty..
I meant to contact you about the poll... as I tried voting twice and I couldn't.
A message comes up saying: 'Cannot process your request'

I just tried it again on your new poll and the message still comes up so it might be a fault my end.
I have voted on other blogs no problem.

Message from Big Peter: He thanks your for your comments on his pictures... he is very pleased that both you and Willard have taken the time to visit as he looks at your blogs each time he visits.

DeeMom said...

sniff I too missed the poll, but sure like the winning picture

Anonymous said...

The winner is neat. I like it.

For Tom, I just tried this new poll and it worked for me.

Nice work, Salty.

Kekiinani said...

WOW this is soooo pretty!! I love it!

Anonymous said...


I missed the poll but I would have thrown my vote to landscapes as well if I had to choose between those three. Varied content still rules though for me.

I love this picture. What a view!


Kerri Farley said...

I missed the poll....I would have voted for Birds....I do LOVE your bird shots! But I LOVE you landscape shots too....Heck...I just LOVE them all!

This one is beautiful!

Sand said...

I voted for landscapes, not that I have anything against birds. This is quite a reward for the winner. WOW!