Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nothing says Spring Time any better than……..

Dandelions & Bluegills

I find as the years roll by that my interest are constantly evolving. Some things that I once did with a passion are now only memories. A constant in my life has been that of my interest in and love of the outdoors.

I realize that I have not traveled nearly as extensively as some of you reading this blog. I have spent very little of my life in cities; preferring instead those out of the way places where paths are made by animals, not by man.

I have been fortunate to have traveled as far north as the Ungava region of Quebec in search of Caribou and Lake Trout. There for the only time in my life I enjoyed the serenade of the wolves while watching a fabulous display of the northern lights. I have roamed Central Ontario fishing in a number of lakes and doing some hunting as well.

I have traveled south to Florida where I have enjoyed photographing the birdlife immensely as well as visiting family. I have fished in the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Before the cost of fuel become unbearable I frequently towed a boat to the Chesapeake pursuing the trophy striped bass and sometimes flounder.

Having experienced these other places with all of their wonders I still enjoy a day spent on a quiet lake fishing for Bluegills. The only differences today from a few decades ago is that my boat carries an electric motor instead of oars and at no time do I go without a camera, my latest interest.


Old Wom Tigley said...

A fantastic post Salty.. I have traveled little, much less than you but I do not feel I have missed anything with what I get to see. I am content to see our wildlife and wildflowers and like you prefer the animal tracks of the countryside to the bright lights of a city centre.

Great "Country Capture" picture.

Kerri said...

I've never traveled much either. I realized last year that there are so many areas to explore, just around the little community I live in. It's amazing what you see and find around you....when you stop to look. Also amazing is what you hear...when you stop to listen.
I love the shot of the fish, pole, and dandelions! And love the spot your put your (c)

Come visit my blog when you can...I spotted a new bird yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you fried that bluegill. Gosh I can't remember when the last time was that I brought home a stringer of blue gill and Patty fried them. Those memories are with me still.

Nice photograph and a nice narrative that was easy to read.

fishing guy said...

Salty: That is a great size Bluegill. I find when a gill will take a minnow they are usually worth keeping. Mitchell 308X is a great little spinning reel.

I caught a few Crappie this weekend and have a picture in my green post.

DeeMom said...

Great picture and a good reminder for me to TAKE the time in the outside work here and walk up to our farm pond and drown a few worms.

We have bass and Bluegill stocked, sooooooooooo maybe I will get some good pictures...

sounds like a plan to me :)

imac said...

Ah peace, taking time out, relaxation.

Fantastic post Salty.

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photowannabe said...

Ummm love the Bluegills panfried in a little butter. Brings back memories as a youngster fishing with my dad.

T. Brook Smith said...

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