Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wedding: Selective Color & Monochromes

Amy prepared for the big occasion in a small bathroom made for just one person. I was limited to only two positions, shooting through the doorway and from standing in the bathtub. This shot of Amy applying eyeliner was made through the doorway. A touch of zoom blur improved the overall appearance of the image.

Being an old fashioned girl I think Amy will appreciate the sepia toning applied to this image.

Converting this image to selective color accented the strength of the hands while retaining the colors of the vintage wedding rings.


Elaine said...

You've captured some beautiful photos of this couple's wedding for them to cherish throughout their life. Very nice work.

photowannabe said...

Fun and interesting treatments. I like the hands and rings highlighted.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very nice, Dad.

At first I thought the image of Amy applying makeup was Mom ;)

I also enjoyed seeing Justin's watch.

Anonymous said...

Oh! What a lovely shot. They are looking soooo cheerful.


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