Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter: A Time of Hardship

Even as winter begins to loosen its grasp the time of hardship is not past for our wildlife.

The green sprouts of spring may be too long in coming to save this orphaned fawn from death.

I have been noticing this fawn recently and have observed how its body is wasting away. Although not readily apparent in the first photograph this shot of it walking away shows it protruding pelvis well.

At no time have I observed it with an adult female. I would expect that from whatever cause that it was orphaned and has had to face the winter alone without the guidance and experience that an older deer could provide.

With the exception of a few individuals the whitetail herd in our area appears to be wintering well.


Chris said...

Let's hope he will survive but I doubt it seeing it s poor condition!! A pity, and I hope he is not orphan because of the hunting!

Meggie said...

I question my feeding deer every year and not sure what I'm doing is the right thing. But, I sure wish this little one could live in my area and feed from my feeding box.
I've just returned from Florida and have enjoyed catching up on your posts. LOVE the turkey photos, Coy!