Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter's Grasp is Broken

Friday was the warmest day we have had in quite a few months.  During our visit to Pennsylvania's Elk Range we stopped in at Parker Dam State Park.  This scene is from just below the dam.  The rapid snow melt had raised the water level to where the edge of the ice sheet was partially submerged.

At Benezette the scene was incredibly different.  Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning Creek had been covered by a heavy ice sheet.  Now the warmer temperatures and rising water was breaking up the ice forcing it down stream.  At times the creek was full of ice cakes grinding against one another as they drifted downstream.

While at other times the creek flowed nearly free of ice.

Some of ice was forced up on the creek bank where one could better appreciate the full thickness of some of the slabs.

The wind began blowing in the afternoon and as evening approached we began the drive home.  As darkness fell we could still feel the power of the wind as it buffeted our vehicle. 

With a few weeks of winter still ahead cold and snow are certain to return.  The cold spells will be shorter and the new snows will melt quicker as the days continue to lengthen and spring will once again win the battle of the seasons in the never ending cycle of life.


Ruth Hiebert said...

ANy sign of spring are most welcome.I have had a few chances to watch river ice break up and that is quite a spectacular sight.

Meggie said...

More snow and ice coming your way, Coy! 8-9 inches fell on Monday. I knew that crazy groundhog was loopy!

Montanagirl said...

We're still in the dead of winter here. More cold and snow coming our way I hear.

Elaine said...

No signs of spring here either and no melting snow. We have 1-1/2 feet of new snow, but that still leaves us down almost six inches from the normal winter's snowfall of 56 inches. The good news is we have over 9 hours between sunrise and sunset and an hour of twilight on either side of that, so things are looking up.

photowannabe said...

Boy Coy, I got the shivers just looking at these shots. I especially like the boot shot. terrific detail.
Sorry to have been away from your blog for so long. I just seem to spend far too much time on the computer and have had to cut back a bit.
Now...I'm headed back into your archives to catch up.