Friday, April 20, 2012

Ruddy Duck

There are still many images from my recent Florida trip to review and process but I cannot ignore the spring waterfowl migration now passing through our area.  The little spike tailed ruddy ducks are a common springtime visitor and today I found this lone duck on a local lake.

At times the ruddy was hanging out with a mixed flock of horned grebes and red-breasted mergansers and at others I would spot it off by itself.  Here the ruddy is resting.  Notice how it is supporting itself with the vegetation to steady itself against the waves.

Earlier in the morning, before the wind kicked up, the calm water reflected the little duck perfectly.

This particular ruddy was very tolerant of my presence but when I approached to within about fifteen yards she finally had enough and took flight.  Not overly alarned she only flew 100 yards or so before settling down with the flock of red-breasted mergansers.

Today's waterfowl/bird sightings included; loon, ring-necked duck, mallard, horned grebe, red-breasted merganser.


Brian King said...

Fantastic shots, Coy! I've never seen a Ruddy. Beautiful ducks.

Montanagirl said...

Great captures! I love the males of this species with their Blue bills.

Elaine said...

Nice series! I like the action in the last shot.

Chris said...

HI Coy,
this duck is wonderful and the pictures are splendid. I really love the taking off shot!!! Well done...