Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Whitetails and Water

While I have a considerable collection of whitetail images, very few include water in the composition.  Attempting to remedy the deficit I have spent some time recently watching a stream crossing.  The images posted here were captured on a recent steamy morning while our area was in the grip of the continuing heat wave.   

 The fawns were obviously enjoying splashing about in the shallow water

 And seemed unaware of the young wood ducks seen here in the foreground

The lead fawn appears to have nursing in mind

Wading in knee deep water slowed the fawns momentarily as placed their feet more carefully

The calm water above the rapids reflected the deer nicely

And a moment of shared affection capped off the morning perfectly

Photographing wildlife in deep woods is difficult at best and virtually impossible at worst.  For most wildlife photography an opening in the vegetation is necessary.  Streams provide a natural opening and wildlife attraction while also making an ideal background for wildlife photographs.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh my word! That last picture is so beautiful.

Montanagirl said...

Coy, your photography skills are never-ending. This series of photos is just so exceptional. Love that last shot.

TYNI said...

Absolutely awesome!

FAB said...

A superb series of images Coy. Just goes to prove that finding the right location usually pays dividends.

jel said...


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Nice series. The last frame is my favorite.