Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meadow Grounds Lake Update

After totally draining the lake the PFBC is now allowing the lake to refill to a depth of six feet.

According to a PFBC representative I spoke with this is being done to minimize the amount of sediment reaching Roaring Run and to reduce vandalism to the dam. 

A few dead fish were still visible during my last visit but the surprising find was a considerable number of small bluegills present it the pool.  Apparently these bluegills were able to return through the dam before the refilling began.
More small bluegills can be seen below the dam.  With a few stop logs now in the dam their return to the former lake is blocked.
New growth can be seen sprouting from the freshly dried sediment.

Where the sediment deposits have been exposed for a longer period, grass is beginning to stabilize the soil.
The Friends of the Meadow Grounds Lake held the first public meeting Monday evening.  While a few attendees felt it necessary to vent some pent up frustrations, the meeting by and large was very positive.  Approximately 100 persons attended as the leadership explained where the organization is and where we are headed.  While it will take a few years and considerable politicking from this dedicated group our lake will be back. 
 The Friends of the Meadow Grounds Lake will accept no less.


eileeninmd said...

Very sad looking!

FAB said...

Coy, I've just caught up with all your posts on the Meadow Grounds Lake including watching the 'meeting' video. I was somewhat surprised to hear that the F&GC stated there would be NO detrimental effect on ANY wildlife!

It is obviously going to be a long, hard road before this area returns to its former glory.

Montanagirl said...

I sure hope your Lake really will be back!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Ohh how sad it looks....