Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weather is Slow to Warm but Wildlife Photography is Heating Up

So far this spring has seen below normal temperatures with a snow storm brushing by us to the southeast yesterday.  Even though the warm-up has been slower than normal and the thermometer only reached 32F today, migrant birds are showing up everywhere. 

This evening, as I made my rounds on the farm, a large flock of robins were hoping about the pastures.  Saturday afternoon I spotted my first phoebe for the year, last evening the seasons first woodcock and this evening a pair of wood ducks on the creek where it borders our farm.  Unfortunately I was unable to bring the camera into play in each instance.
While I have not been able to capture any strutting photos lately, the turkey activity is escalating. 

Soon the hens will become receptive and the wild turkey mating season will begin in earnest.


Ruth Hiebert said...

As common as the Robin is,it is still a beautiful sight,especially the first ones to show up in spring.

Montanagirl said...

You always get the BEST Wild Turkey photos!! I can never get really close to them here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots.

Dan De Ment said...

You captured the turkey's color beautifully. Well done!