Friday, July 28, 2006

The Bridge

I came upon this quaint little bridge in my travels. While photographing it I began to reflect upon the bridges I have crossed in this path of life. The bridges we cross are both literal and figurative. The one characteristic all of our bridges have in common is that they carry us over the difficult places we must cross.
Reflect upon the bridges in your life and consider what your life would have been like if those bridges had not been there for you.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Cool photo salty. Bridges definitley come in different forms at different times in our lives.

If only I knew where that picture was taken!!! It might be a clue as to the true identity of "the Dawg"!

Coy Hill said...

Ahhh It will not be that easy! Salty will choose his photos carefully.

Gabriella said...

Yes, very spiffalicious photo you have there salty.
I am a mystery solver....a detective of some I WILL find out your true identity.

Welcome back by the way, we thought you were lost for sure! LOL

Tim said...

That is such a cool shot. What a great post! You should check out my post "I finally created a blog"
The picture of the cross is on a hill in Pigoen Forge TN and the picture of the clouds and the fence rail is on the Gatlinburg Bypass. Is this bridge in the Smokies?

Coy Hill said...

Thanks Tim for the positive review of the bridge. I checked out your blog and the photographs you mentioned are terrific.
No the bridge is not in the smokies but is in the appalachian mountains.