Saturday, August 26, 2006

RedNeck Racin'

Move over Nascar, close you doors Daytona, we have a new sport in town!
Lawn mower racing!
This new sport is more exciting than a gator toss!

Mrs. Dawg and I attended our very first mower race last evening.
What an excitement filled night.

Since I am not a race fan I didn’t understand everything with the flags,
but neither did the announcer!

The drivers had it together and man could they drive!

This is Rednecking at its finest!!! You just gotta see them little suckers mow!
A special feature to our local race was the local Pastors Challenge.
This race featured five of our local Pastors and one Pastor’s wife!

It began with a meeting of the competing denominations.
Now folks this race was a test of faith.
We frequently wonder just who is the ultimate POWER in our local church,
our pastor or our PW.
Now this was the ultimate challenge!

The race began, Pastors were jockeying for position, engines were roaring!

There was our PW moving up, cutting the turns close on all four wheels! Roaring down the straight-aways, mowing past the pastors! Her faith never faltered, her faith never failed, it couldn’t! She has eternal security! She is our Baptist PW!! Move over Lutherans! Move over Methodist! Move over Baptist pastor! Husband!
Move over or be MOWED OVER!

This PW mowed a swath straight to the finish line!
Amey Covert, Winner of the Pastors Challenge!!

If you want a fun evening, if ya just wanna be a REDNECK for a little while, find a Sta-Bill National Lawnmower race near you and have a great time!


Chad Oneil Myers said...

That's awesome! My favorite photo is the one of the white grilled mower with the yellow axels. You see the front end of it as it slides around the turn. You can imagine the movement that's happening. Good job photographing the event!

Tim said...

That is so cool! I have a friend in North Florida who races lawnmowers. He has been inviting me to come up and watch. After seeing these pictures I think I am going up to watch. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Coy Hill said...

Chad, thanks for the comment, and yes there was a lot of "sideways movement".

Tim, Go! Take your camera and have a blast!