Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

Evergreen trees are beautiful all decked out in lights and ornaments but the beauty God has endowed them with can hardly be improved upon.

A pine bow hangs in the fog, decorated with droplets of dew.

Two pine cones nestled in the shade.

The browns of the pine cone meld with the greens of the needles and the blues of the sky


photowannabe said...

Really nice. The fog laced pine bough looks like jewels hanging in the difused light.

Unknown said...

I agree that man can't improve upon God's designs. We can only make them look different for awhile.

I love the cones. I used to fill pine cones with peanut butter for the birds to peck off. Now we have too many cats in the neighborhood. Bird food is more like bird "bait".

Kate said...

Good shots of the cones!