Monday, February 12, 2007

Walking on The Water

We have been experiencing an extended cold spell. Our daytime highs have rarely exceeded the freezing point with the lows dipping into the single digits for nearly two weeks. It no longer takes a miracle for mere mortals to walk on water.

I recently hiked a couple of miles of a local creek. This was an opportunity to photograph places familiar to me from a different perspective.

A beautiful ice formation hangs from a small cliff along the creek

Some open water remains in the fast flowing riffles

Ice sculptures such as these are formed in fast flowing water
when the stream level falls during freeze up

The white bark of a lone sycamore contrast beautifully with the deep blue sky


Chad Oneil Myers said...

I'm sure that shoot was fun!

TRM said...

Love it cold and clear. Looks like a nice day for a walk, and being able to get a different perspective on familiar ground is always a plus.

photowannabe said...

Beautiful as always. The ice sculpture in the river looks just like crystal. It would make a great wall hanging blown up and matted.

Anonymous said...

I love the icicles and the ice that looks like glass.

I REALLY love the rest of your one room school photos. I expecially like the inside with the sun shining through the windows.

Unknown said...

Hello Salty Dawg, I love these shots of the snow, water and icicles. Very nice. I also like the black and white shots you posted.