Monday, January 28, 2008

Boat Ride, Anyone?

Saturday was not a good day for a boat ride on nearby Raystown Lake

I captured this shot of the floating dock at the Weaver Falls Access Area. In the warmer months the dock is bustling with activity but on a cold winter morning not another soul was to be seen.

My eye was drawn to the lines created by the empty dock


photowannabe said...

Looks pretty cold and uninviting but your shot is great. I like the perspective.

Tom said...

Yes it looks cold, not the kind of day to be out on the river... wrapped up warm with a camera was the right hing to be doing for sure Salty.. I was out yesterday and was quite taken by some steps.. not my normal kind of picture, but I'm learning to see things in a different way now thanks to seeing what others see and post.

Shionge said...

Wait! Wait for me ya....I wanna hop on board right now......waaiiittt for me Salty :D

Kerri Farley said...

Brrrrrr.....looks cold!

imac said...

Looks like someones been there - they have written in the snow.haha
Brill photo Salty with a nice story.

(only joking)about the writting in the snow.