Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Walking Alone

My Saturday morning photoshoots are typically solitary adventures. They usually consist of a combination of driving and walking. The time spent on foot seems to decrease along with the temperature.

On this day, with a new snow covering the ground, I paused to look back. Only my solitary line of footprints marred the delicate snow. It is a privilege to enjoy such beautiful scenes but to do so one must rise early, step out into the chilly morning air and immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty.

As I capture the images that capture my attention, somehow the air does not seem so cold.


Scarlet said...

I can never see my footprints in this town. Thanks for bringing back memories of the northeast. It's a beautiful shot.

photowannabe said...

A beautiful way to start the day. I love how the bit of color is touching the sky and your solitary footprints.

Meggie said...

I don't mind the cold so much, it's the rising early (before 7:00) that I can't seem to muster. Solitary moments can be quite blissful, especially when the evidence is in the snow.

Tom said...

This is a great post Salty.. I enjoy my walks with Big Pete but nothing beats being out early before anyone as had chance to disturb anything or cause alarm... the peace and quiet is something I enjoy at these times and I tend to have better encounters with wildlife as well.

imac said...

Im up early for work, so im happy to layin when im on late shift, but on holls then I wanna be out early to shoot.

Great shot and story Salty.

My ABC is now up.
also next post =they are real

Suzi-k said...

wonderful, the sense of privilege is very apparent in this shot, as if the tree was lit up just for you.