Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Looking the other Way

So often during a stunning sunrise I find myself with camera aimed into the source of the wonderful light. To capture this photograph I turned my back to the sun capturing the red light of dawn gently caressing the new fallen snow.

Although I have no qualms about using photo-imaging programs to enhance a photograph, in this case no adjustment was needed. I felt the camera faithfully recorded the scene as I remember it.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo.
The reflection from the sun light gives the snow a lovely pinkish glow.

Alex's World! -

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I love that unusual sort of light, I see everything in terms of light quality and color since becoming a photographer. Early morning and late evening can give some beautiful scenes and colors. There are times when I just want to grab my camera and take a photo because the light is so beautiful.

Very nice shot, love the pink glow.


Meggie said...

Looks more like a painting than a photograph. Nice work, Salty.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice pink glow, Salty. Turning around is one of the easiest ways of seeing the color of the light. It is especially effective with snow and it's the only way you will ever see the alpenglow effect in the sky.

During sunrise/sunset I usually have one tripod facing the light and one facing away.

Jim @ Transient Light Photography

Tom said...

Fantastic effect Salty... I really must try that. One of the great things I've found about blogging is the ideas of others. I don't mean to sounds as if I wait to see what others do then copy.. but I think it's another way of learning.

You and Willard and our friend Abe have all helped me to achive good result just by studying how you take yours and seeing the final result.

Irene said...

Oh, I love that color! So beautiful!

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful! See, who needs photoshopping? ,-)

Yes, I still don't like photoshopping and I am really *prissy* about this. -grin- But each person is free to do as they like.


DeeMom said...

I agree with Meggie, looks more like a painting


Kekiinani said...

It is amazing what you find when you turn around during the sunrise or sunset. Sometimes the colors behind are amazing just like what you found here. Cool shot.. love the pinkish glow.. :)

imac said...

Great Capture Salty, its nice to see the other way from the sun.

DW she's slowly on the mend, phew! bless her.

Sand said...

I was convinced that this photo was photoshopped, until I read further. That is amazing lighting, and of course, an excellent job of capturing it at the right time.