Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hiding Out

In recent posts I have mentioned using a blind to conceal myself from wary waterfowl.  Pictured here is the Ameristep Outhouse blind that I am currently using; note the camo material wrapped around the camera and lens.  This material helps to conceal the camera, the camera movement, and any movement inside the blind.  I feel that it also helps in total concealment by breaking up the hard bottom line of the front opening.  Shortly I will be adding a strip of this material around the top and sides of the window.

Normally I set the blind in a position to take advantage of brush and other vegetation to break up the hard outline of the blind itself.

The photographers view from inside the blind

With the back open you can see the tools of the trade; note the folding camp chair, this is what makes the long waits totally comfortable.  After shooting this series I realized that I had missed one important image, that of the rig stowed ready to travel.  With the blind in its shoulder bag and the chair folded I can sling the entire rig, cameras included, on my shoulders taking only one trip to carry it all in to a shooting location.

It may seem like a pain to carry so much equipment but when a gorgeous little gal like this comes calling it makes it all worthwhile!


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Indeed! Very cool set-up and a great image for all the preparation.

Kjell T. Evensen said...

Looks like an excellent set up. I flunked "Patience 101" though, so would never be able to wait it out.

Montanagirl said...

You have some good equipment for the perfect hide-out. That's a terrific shot!

imac said...

Very neat Coy.
Hide n seek eh.

Louise said...

All the comforts of home. That's quite the setup.

Meggie said...

Do you have a heater for those chilly mornings? I guess it's hard to find an electical source in the wetlands.

Les Barr said...

Ah, so that's how you get some of these great Images. Using a Blind is something that I never gave a thought to. I could get one of these and give it a try out. However, I would have one problem. Having the patience to sit there waiting for the right exposure.