Monday, February 18, 2008

New Leaves in Mid Winter

Imagine my surprise at finding new leaves in the middle of our Pennsylvania winter. Nestled in a well sheltered hollow with a good southern exposure, I found these tiny leaves growing on a Multiflora Rose.

Multiflora Rose, once recommended for planting as a living cattle fence and also used as crash barriers in the medians of divided highways, is now considered a noxious invasive alien plant species.

Although the Multiflora Rose has fallen from favor, I enjoyed finding this token of the season of new life just around the corner.


photowannabe said...

Love this shot and its funny because I posted signs of spring on my site too.
I like the Multiflora Rose too.

Old Wom Tigley said...

When clicked this shot really opens up. Those leave are stunning, the textures and the red tips really stand out.. Another great Country Capture... I do wish I'd thought up this title. ;o)

oldmanlincoln said...

How well I remember the Multiflora Rose. I planted them as a hedge some 50 years ago and within ten years dug them out and that wasn't easy either. A nightmare.

I posted a piece on the Chipmunk and how I used to get close to wildlife that might interest you.

Kerri said...

Oh HOW EXCITING!! This is a welcome sight!!!!


Beautiful nature capture. I think that these simple suprises make the most beautiful captures;-)


imac said...

Nice shot Salty. well done.
come and visit my ice age.