Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bonaparte's Gull?

Continuing to dig through my 2009 archives I found a series of gull shots taken at our local lake. Gulls are not frequent visitors here but each spring a few sightings do occur as migratory flocks pass through.

Such was the occasion on April 18th when I observed a flock of about twenty gulls. After they had settled on the water they allowed me to approach to within only a few feet while using the electric trolling motor on slow speed to maneuver the boat.

I have dug through my reference material and searched the web in my attempt to identify this gull. My best guess is that it’s a Bonaparte’s Gull transitioning between winter and breeding plumage. If anyone can positively identify my gull please comment. Your comments are always welcome and ID help is very much appreciated!


Chris said...

Hi Coy,
I think you are right about the ID but a gull specialist advice will definitively be better than mine ;-) Beautiful picture!

Peggy said...

Very artistic crop! Looks great!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good shot,but,as for ID,you had better ask someone else.In my PSE files I have them tagged as Gulls.Does that tell you about my ID skills for these birds?

Montanagirl said...

Terrific photo, but I'm not any help on the I.D.

Meggie said...

I just dropped by to see if anyone identified the gull. Guess most of us just enjoy your talented photos, Coy. Not many bird experts among us, I guess.