Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Meadow Grounds Lake: Returning Soon!

Built in the mid 1960's, the Meadow Grounds Lake provided untold hours of recreation for those who frequented it.  The lake, owned and controlled by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission sits on lands owned by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Word spread in the winter of 2013 that the PFBC was drawing down the lake with no plan and no funding to repair and restore it.  Some thoughtful person posted this sign at the boat ramp. 

The meeting was well attended, nearly filling the auditorium of the Central Fulton High School.  At times emotions ran high as members of the public and local politicians voiced their concerns and frustrations with the loss of the lake as well as the lack of transparency of the process.

After seven long years of local fundraising and lobbying efforts by dedicated members of the community and in particular the board of Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake, construction is finally about to begin.  

The project calls for the top of the dam crest to be raised 3.6 feet while the full pool water level will remain the same.

The downstream slope of the dam will be flattened, extending the base of the dam farther down stream. A seepage collection and conveyance system will also be installed in the dam.

The conduit through the dam will be slip-lined with pipe and modification will be made to the control tower.

The existing spillway and stilling basin will be removed and replaced.

The PFBC will begin stocking the lake as it refills beginning with the minnow forage base. The breaking down of the abundant vegetative debris will serve to supercharge the resurgent aquatic life as the lake returns to normal.