Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Arrival of New Life on the Farm

A good friend recently e-mailed asking if everything was alright.  He lives quite a few states away and became concerned when he noticed that Country Captures had not been updated since March 31st.  Frankly time had slipped away without me realizing that nearly a month had passed since I had last shared with you.  This post is one example of the reasons why I have neglected the blog in the past months.
When I arrived at the farm Friday evening the first thing I noticed was the cow I had named Bandit standing apart from the herd.  It was obvious that she was in labor.  Notice how she is kicking her belly, a sure sign that labor has commenced.  While labor can run into hours, with a mature cow it can proceed rapidly if all is well.  The first photo was taken at 4:44 pm with the second taken just 33 minutes later.  While it takes a year or more for a newborn human baby to take its first steps, the newborn bull calf was standing up 26 minutes after birth and taking his first shaky steps just nine minutes later! 
So while I haven't been posting much recently, all is well and I am still enjoying observing and photographing the miracle of life outdoors.