Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chesapeake Dawn

For the dedicated striper fisherman this is a familiar scene. Oft times the rockfish bite begins and ends early. An early start is an advantage sometimes accompanied by the serene beauty of a nautical sunrise. Who knows what the day will hold? Will the fish cooperate? Will we be lucky and find the trophy stripers? Will the line hold, or will we have to tell the story of the big one that got away?

Striper fishing is my favorite game. Spring trophy stripers are big, brawny, hard fighting, beautiful fish. The lure of the open water beckons the hardcore fisherman to come and enjoy. The Chesapeake can be a place of serene beauty or a boiling caldron fraught with danger.

On this day the beauty of the sunrise belied the fact that the morning temperature was 32 degrees and my hands were so numb from driving the boat that I could hardly fire the camera.

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Chad Oneil Myers said...

I remember the historic day I had out there with you and Paul. I was glad I could contribute to that catch.

I like your new profile pic, much cooler! Good job on it too.