Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Wildlife Photographer

As young men in the mid 70’s my brother and I shared many similar interest. We had become interested in taking pictures at a very young age and now that we were working we had the some financial resources to pursue a more sophisticated level of equipment. Our first good cameras were the then popular Minolta SRT 100 series. This photograph is one I took of my brother on an early April day. We had hiked over the mountain from home to visit the Meadow Grounds Falls. The photo I posted October 6th was taken that day. While I strayed away from photography for many years, my brother has remained a dedicated wildlife photographer to this day. Throughout the years he has used a wide variety of equipment, always striving to improve his craft. In the early 90’s he began experimenting with video and now although continuing to shoot many stills, video is his primary focus. My brother’s basement is an amazing assortment of computers and monitors, all dedicated to his photographic obsession.

Today when I returned to my truck from a day spent hunting in the mountain I encountered my brother set up for his evening wildlife shoot. With his impressive array of equipment around him I thought it the perfect opportunity to photograph him for this blog post. I have encouraged him to begin blogging, but he feels that with all of his photo processing and video editing he does not have the time to take up yet another hobby. His photography remains a hobby, although he has had one photograph published in the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s annual calendar. My brother captures wildlife, from the smallest bird to the largest bull elk all become targets in front of his Canons.


photowannabe said...

The years have done you proud. Your blog is like the Chronicles of Salty.
Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Man, those are some nice lens! What are the sizes of those lens? 600mm?

Chad Oneil Myers said...