Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Deer Season. The End

Although our deer season runs through next Saturday, mine has ended. This morning shortly after first light I bagged this nine-point as he was moving to his bedding area. This buck is considerably larger than average for our area and is possibly the largest I have harvested in my hunting career.

For most of my life Pennsylvania law only required a buck to have three inches of visible antler to be considered a legal buck. Starting in 2002 the law was changed. Since that time bucks in our region are required to have three points on one side and each must be a minimum of an inch in length. The effect of this regulation change has made it possible for more bucks to survive to become true trophy animals. At the same time efforts were made to reduce the doe population. We now have an improved buck-doe ratio and a much better population of large bucks although the total deer population is somewhat lower.. Not all hunters are happy with this change, but how much of a trophy is a yearling buck sporting three inch spikes?

I for one support and appreciate the efforts of our Game Commission in improving our deer herd.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Way to go! That's great that you got another "trophy"!

photowannabe said...

Congrats. on that "trophy" I feel the commission has made the right decision too. Control is better for everyone and every animal around.
Great shot. Pardon the pun.

TRM said...

Nice buck, I miss hunting. You have to like a game commision that is effective. Slightly smaller herds decrease disease and starvation.

I really enjoy your blog. The history is great, and your photography is enjoyable too. Really like the "vintage" photos.