Thursday, April 26, 2007

Honey Bees, Global Warming, some Salty Thoughts

A Carpenter Bee hurries from Flower to Flower

I have read the many dire warnings lately about how the world’s food production will be destroyed if the current problem with the decline in honey bees is to continue. The purveyors of doom would have us believe that a large percentage of the world’s crops will fail if they do not have honey bees to assist in pollination.

This same group of people would have us believe that although history teaches that our earth has went through ice ages and warming ages many times in the past, today with the exception of human activities, earth should be in a period of stable temperatures extending infinitely into the future.

As I looked at my cherry tree dressed in its white robe of blossoms I seen a vast array of insect species buzzing about the flowers. There were wasp, flies, bumble bees, carpenter bees and many creatures which I could not begin to identify. Could it be that only the honey bee has the ability to transfer pollen? Is our very existence on this rock that we call earth so fragile that the failure of one species such as the honey bee could spell doom for our entire civilization?

As I look about me I am prone to disagree with the folks who create sensations by making attention grabbing dooms day pronouncements. I think of them as the modern “Chicken Littles” Sorry folks, the sky is not falling, only changing, as the earth has done since the beginning of time.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Cool image. Probably your best commentary.

lv2scpbk said...

Love this photo. You can almost hear him buzzing.

Anonymous said...

Great picture and as you said on my blog, this will probably generate some controversy. That is good though as this is a topic that probably deserves some discussion.

I am not yet sure where I stand on this topic. I agree that the world has changed several times during the years. Cycles are common. We are however becoming a huge burden on the planet. I wonder what the impact of millions of automobiles in China and India will have on the systems as car ownership and use becomes more common there.

Great thoughts and thanks for your visit.

Kekiinani said...

Awesome image. Love the wings.. You can almost hear the buzzing of that busy little bee!!!... Great thoughts as well. Aloha Renee :)

Unknown said...

My husband kept bees with his uncle in the past and we now have one hive in our backyard for fun and b/c they are wonderful little creatures. He doesn't seem too worried about all this bee talk lately. Amazingly, I heard a group of coworkers talking about their concerns last week. I was just surprised they were THAT worried about it.

photowannabe said...

Amen and my sentiments exactly. You have a gift of writing.