Friday, December 28, 2007

Red-Tailed Hawk, close but no Great Image

Monday morning, shortly before I encountered the flock of robins, I spotted this Red-Tail perched on a branch, completely exposed. As I brought the car to a stop the hawk swooped off of its perch flying about fifty yards to alight in this tree where a number of branches provided cover. Not only had the distance increased but shooting through the brush made focusing quite difficult.

This is the best photograph I have obtained of a Red-tailed hawk. The colors in the photograph are extremely warm as it was taken while the morning sun was rising above the horizon.

Hopefully, someday I will have an opportunity to capture some truly good photographs of one of these majestic hawks.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

You still did something creative with what you had to work with though.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I think this is a great shot! Very beautiful bird!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

photowannabe said...

Magnificent bird and well captured. At least you got the shot.

Anonymous said...

Tree branches are a pain in the butt but you got it in just right to see the bird and it is a good shot. I have only one red-tailed hawk photo and one red-shouldered hawk photo but both are too far away to be nice enough. I also have some crows but too far away. The two crows that happened to land in my back yard once were here just long enough for me to grab a camera and when I turned they were gone.

I would say this is about as nice as I have seen.

imac said...

Great shot Hawk Eye Salty.

Tom said...

Hi Salty
Raptors are my favourite birds.. I will google this after a read up on it. Still a great Country Capture.

All the best my friend.


Meggie said...

He's a beauty, Salty. The warm winter sun lighting is very nice. I know the sharpness isn't perfect like you might want, but you can see the pupil of its eye...not bad at all!

lv2scpbk said...

Love this photo. He blends in with the tree branches.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am so jealous, two days ago I looked out the window and there was one sitting on the ground not 20 feet from the house. Of course we have double glazing and because my housewifely skills arent good the windows were dirty and of course the fly shields were int he way too so I tried to sneak out but he head me and whoosh he was gone. Great shot, I hope I see mine again soon, he was hanging around a bush that the small sparrows love to spend the days in so he ws probably looking for dinner.