Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Icy Dawn, Twenty Minutes Later

This photo is of the same scene featured in yesterday’s post. It was captured twenty minutes later as the sun broke through. The partly cloudy sky provided me with the dramatic spotlight effect.

I used a focal length of 35mm for this photograph whereas yesterday’s scene was shot with a 105mm. Both shots were made with an aperture of F/22. The current Country Captures header was also shot from this same position but at a different angle that morning.

Please allow me to apologize for not commenting on all of your blogs more frequently. With my current work schedule, my ever growing list of blogger friends and other projects I have on the go; I can only get to a few of you each day. Never the less, all of your visits and comments are very much appreciated.


Kekiinani said...

I love the comparison between shots. It is so amazing to just be out watching the light change. I love doing that!!! Your 20 minute later shot is great with the colors in the clouds and the sunlight!!! :) :) Not to worry about commenting on my blog... I totally enjoy visiting yours and understand how sometimes it just is hard to comment!!! Have a great week.. Aloha, Renee :) :)

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo. I gave you the "You make my day" award with your blog. See my site of todays post for details. Please pass it on.

Tom said...

Hi Salty... great to see the differance in the two pictures.

If you are stuck for time my friend leave off your comments on my place, the fact I know you visit is all thats needed. I have lots of time for this, not by choice but it gets to fill my day. All the best

photowannabe said...

Its not fair how work cuts into the more important things like blogging...LOL...I so enjoy your pictures Salty but you don't need to comment all the time. I have more time so I comment more. It does take over my day sometimes so then i have to back off too.
I love this 20 minute later next shot. the sun spotlighting and more pink is lovely. i like how the one thistle seems to be saluting the morning.

DeeMom said...

Amazing the difference of time and light etc

dot said...

I really like this one!