Friday, February 22, 2008

Eclipse Questions

Viewing this photograph brought questions to my mind. Questions such as why does the moon have a place for a stem, such as a fruit? Why does it have lines radiating out from this spot like the sections of a cantaloupe? Why is the Earth’s shadow so ragged and uneven?

The “stem” apparently is a crater but the longitude lines certainly do puzzle me. As for the Earth’s ragged shadow I would surmise that it is caused by our polluted atmosphere. But still one question remains;

Where is the Man in the Moon?

Photo captured with a Canon 30D, 400mm lens, F11 @ 1/125 sec. ISO200


Meggie said...

Where is the Man in the Moon? :)
He's on the other side sleeping, of course!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Why is the Earth's shadow so ragged???


~ Wolf Lover Girl

Tom said...

I can make out two face there Salty ha!

Have a look at this place Salty

Anonymous said...

Man in the Moon?

My kids tell me he is there. My wife of almost 53 years seems to be amazed I never see it. I never have seen it and nothing there looks like it to me. The unusual shadow is all the hot air from the politicians.

Kerri Farley said...

I like Abe's comment about the hot air!!

This is a Wonderful Capture!!

Anonymous said...

Terrific photo!

I'm originally from PA, just outside of Philly. So nice to meet you! :-)

photowannabe said...

It gives me a headache to ponder such deep questions first thing in the morning...
Love the question about the stem and I agree with Abe about all the hot air polluting the atmosphere.
Great post Salty and terrific photo.

Anonymous said...

Great eclipse shots Salty. The politician explanations seems plausible to me. Of course there are some that would say it is due to all the pieces of that satellite the Navy blew up! Nyet?

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I can't answer any of those questions but I think this shot is lovely;-)