Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Carnival every Night

Old Town is a carnival every night. Rides and amusements are located about the premises along with shops, restaurants and watering holes. The streets are pedestrian only except during the weekend cruises. Old Town is a cool place to wander about and chill out.

This is a shot of one of the rides. I’m not much into chills & thrills rides so I really cannot tell you much about it other than I thought this made a cool image.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Country Captures presidential election. If this is any indication of how November goes it appears as if McCain will be president. Now we all must await the final outcome.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very cool indeed.

"A Carnival Every Night". Good line ;)

Tom said...

I agree with the comment above.. that certainly is a great line...
And what a capture you have here.. I like how you changed over so well from wildlife to street views and kept your own style.

Anonymous said...

This brings back to me the sounds, the smells and the displays. I like the photo you posted today. Nice work.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio where you can see a tiny fly on a honey bee's wing.

Stacey Olson said...

Salty, great night photo, and I love how you are hiding your logo in the photos..

imac said...

Love the cool shot, great capture Salty.

Come and be welcomed by my Duck with open wings.