Friday, August 28, 2009

First Touch of Autumn

Today dawned with heavy leaden skies with rain arriving in the afternoon. It was under these conditions that I photographed this maple tree showing the first signs of autumn colors.

I look forward each summer to the brief splendor of autumn foliage although I well realize that autumn splendor is followed closely by the cold grays of winter. It seems like only yesterday when the spring peeper began calling and the first blooms of colt’s foot appeared along our rural roadsides.

Perhaps it is only an illusion, common to us older folks, that time passes more quickly now than it did in our youth but it certainly seemed real today as I photographed the first color of fall.


jel said...

I do belive that it's going to be a early fall here .

ya know what they say, whenya get past 18, the time goes by fast :)

Anonymous said...

Some people are lucky . all I get is blue skies.only two seasons here hot And very hot,
next week I am off to Lake Qarun in the fayuom oasis. so look me up in 2 weeks I hope to get some good birding and wild life photos. Nile life and Living by the nile is also on my website now,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh,that is so pretty.Did we already have summer?:)Where does the time go?

Montanagirl said...

That's beautiful, Coy! Fall is arriving here too. I think it got here awfully fast!

FAB said...

Coy. You are dead right. When we were younger, we wanted time to move faster but now we are older time still marches on regardless!
Autumnal colour already..I think you are ahead of us, for a while anyway. Cheers FAB.

Elaine said...

Fall is creeping in here too. The summer seems to have flown by so quickly. And, yes, time does go by much faster as you get older.

imac said...

Best season for colour is the Autumn.

Carletta said...

I saw a few red leaves at the top of an oak but my oh my this is a lot of change!
Lovely shot!