Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lines & Leaves

When digital renewed my interest in photography and with my graduation to the DSLR & telephoto lenses I found that photography compliments another of my passions, fishing.

Photographing waterfowl and other water oriented birds can become painfully boring at times when no subjects are visible. Fishing conveniently fills the otherwise dead time until more photo-ops present. Combining the two has proven to be a winning combination. During these frequent forays I have photographed a multitude of waterfowl species along with herons, eagles, dragonflies, and even my best ever fawn image.

Using the boat & the electric motor has proven to be an effective way to approach wildlife to within camera range and also allows me to maneuver for the best lighting angles. On the minus side, high shutter speeds and image stabilization are necessary for telephoto use as all shooting must be done hand-held. Using a tripod or other support worsens the situation by making a solid connection between the camera and the constantly moving boat.

Taking a momentary break from fishing, I used the colorful autumn foliage to provide a backdrop for a shot of the fishing rods poised for action.


Montanagirl said...

Coy, this is a nicely composed shot! Love the foliage - it complements the rods.

Chris said...

Excellent idea to do that There must be a way to stabilize your camera in the boat other than using a tripod... Superb shot of the lines and leaves!

Misty DawnS said...

Coy, we would get along just fine, my friend!
Fishing and photography are my two most favorite things!!! (besides living family and dogs, of course)

FAB said...

Coy, I'm often amazed at the amount of gear a fisherman uses just so he can lay back and do something else until the alarm activates his sporting skills.
Very nice compostion. FAB.

photowannabe said...

I really like this composition. It shows your passion for photography and the outdoors.
This belongs in a Field and Stream magazine.