Monday, October 19, 2009

Shagger’s Inn Shallow Water Impoundment

During my recent visit to the Pennsylvania Elk Range a side trip took Willard & I to the Shagger’s Inn Shallow Water Impoundment. Shaggers Inn is a picturesque thirty acre lake completed by Pennsylvania DCNR in 1989. The lake provides habitat for migrating waterfowl and is one of the few places where Osprey nest in our state.

We did not observe any Osprey during our short visit but the beautiful scenery was reward enough.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

I like the reflections on the other side of the water.

troutbirder said...

Very nice. A special place in a small quiet way. Dumb question ...were elk originally native to Penn?

Coy Hill said...

Not a dumb question. Yes elk were native to Pa with the last remaining animals wiped out around the 1870's. The present day elk range is the area where the native elk made their last stand.

Elk were brought in from Yellowstone and other areas during the early 1900's. The elk we have today are the result of that stocking effort.

Montanagirl said...

Very nice photo, Coy. I like the colorful grasses in the foreground - they complement the photo nicely.

imac said...

I would love to see that Coy.

Im back in action and blogging my photos again.

Tom said...

I'm with Imac... I would love to be able to visit your area... it holds so much interest to me...
You mentioned a TV drama about Doc Matain thats you watch.. we have just started the new series here... it just gets better... very funny.
Imac as a picture on him blog that reminds me of the village it is filmed in.
I only live a few miles from Last Of The Summer Wine country.. It's a beautiful spot around there.