Friday, October 09, 2009

Wetlands: Changing Seasons

As those of you who frequent this blog know I frequently photograph the local Haines-Seville Wetlands. Haines-Seville is a man-made wetlands, a cooperative project between Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and various other state and federal agencies. The benefit it provides to waterfowl and wildlife in general is immense.

The above photograph was taken May 9th of this year when the wetlands were full.

Again visiting the wetlands a few days ago I discovered as a result of the dry weather of the last three months that the wetlands are no longer wet. The area pictured here is of the deepest pool. The shallow areas have grown up with wetland grasses with some waist high.

This is as it should be for the vegetation will soon be submerged by the winter rain and snow and will once again provide food for wildlife and a new cycle of life will be supported by this small but important conservation project.


Shelley said...

Very interesting to see the changes in the wetland and glad to know the cycle of life will continue. Nice photos!

Les Barr said...

A interesting Post. Just where is this wet-lands in PA? I've never been there or even heard of it.


Montanagirl said...

Nice photos. It's always encouraging to know that the cycle will continue.

Carletta said...

Lovely contrasts!

photowannabe said...

Thanks for showing the cycles of a beautiful part of your state. Keep us posted on the place I would like to see it when it snows.