Sunday, November 29, 2009

On Guard

Come the morning all of the deer in Pennsylvania’s hunting country will need to be on guard as about one million hunters.take to the woods. All deer will be legal game depending upon the tags that the hunter carries.

Hunting is the tool that wildlife managers use to control the whitetail population. Long ago when wolves, cougars, and other top level predators roamed the woods deer numbers were controlled naturally but that isn’t the case today. Without these predators deer numbers must be controlled otherwise damage to agriculture, vehicle accidents, and damage to the habitat will ensues when deer numbers are allowed to become too high.

Tomorrow will see many happy hunters taking home the venison. It will also see some who would not play by the rules who will take home citations from my friends working for the PGC. Others will have run-ins with landowners over trespass issues.

I have enjoyed the most fantastic whitetail rut with encounters like that I have never had in past years. Much of this I have shared with you here on the pages of Country Captures. With the hunting season opening tomorrow my fall deer photography will effectively draw to a close. It’s been a great year; I hate to see it end but as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sure hope you will find other scenes to photograph.

Chris said...

Hi Coy,
You know what, I think I've enjoyed it (the white tailed rut) as much as you did through your fabulous shots and story. This was incredible and nice to see and read. Thanks for sharing this intense moment with us!

Brad Myers said...

Hello Coy, I have been looking every day I just didn't have a chance to comment until this evening.

I have enjoyed your whitetail rut very much. For me there is no more beautiful creature than the whitetail deer, and that includes the elk. Maybe because I was brought up watching and hunting deer. I have gotten back to enjoying them so much I wonder how I used to shoot them.

Great shots of the sparring match. Shane and I got to see this twice on Friday at SNP by Milam Gap. It broke up when two larger bucks showed up and the ears dropped back. No excitement from it as they chased each other off. What a great place, I think we will head back after they open again in January if there is snow.

I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and if you hunted today I hope you had good luck.


Elaine said...

I've enjoyed your series of posts on the Whitetail rut. It has been very informative and full of supurb photos. Thanks for sharing it with us.