Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elk on Snow

Reviewing images from my last visit to the Pennsylvania Elk Range I am beginning to think that perhaps the best time of the year to photograph this elk herd is in winter.

The earth tones of the elk set against a backdrop of mountains and snow may even be more picturesque than that of the early autumn foliage present during the rut.

This image was taken in the morning while hoar frost still covered the vegetation.

When the herd moved near the road in late evening this husky 7x7 posed in the fading light.

Aside from the beauty of the winter countryside another plus for winter elk photography is the lack of crowds. During the day we spent in the vicinity of the Gilbert Viewing Area we only encountered two other carloads of elk viewers and with the cold wind sweeping the hill they didn’t stay long.

On the minus side the cold temperatures can make long photo sessions uncomfortable and must be dressed for. However uncomfortable the conditions may be, the images of these magnificent animals in winter are well worth the effort.


Heather said...

I sure hope to get some great opportunities next month... these are wonderful!

Elaine said...

Winter is a beautiful time to photograph wildlife but definitely more challenging to be out in the cold. These are beautiful shots and the second photo is just gorgeous.

Montanagirl said...

Well worth the effort! They are both really nice photos, but the second is just magnificent of a magnificent animal!

imac said...

Love that 2nd shot Coy.

I hear Dorothy is back home.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Both of these images are perfect.I'm glad you are out there in the cold,so we can see these gorgeous animals as well.:)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Salty: Those are neat photos of the elk.