Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drifting Snow

Having been hammered by two major snow storms in less than a week there was plenty of snow for the high winds last night and today to work with. Heading out for work at 4am, after traveling only two miles sometimes in white-out conditions with drifts across the road in places and contemplating over thirty more miles to go, I thought better of it and returned home.

The road to our family farm was drifted closed this morning so I took the opportunity to capture some close-up images of snow drifts. A single redbud seed pod adds perspective to this gleaming snow dune

Shooting from a low angle facing the edge of a drift captured the windblown snow swirling through the air.

Moving in even closer and shooting parallel with the drift face captured the snow cascading off of the edge.

Snow, although it can hinder our planned activities, also provides us with some awesome beauty. I vowed earlier this year to embrace winter and enjoy it for its unique beauty; these two back to back storms have certainly given us plenty to embrace!


jel said...

that's alot of snow!

take care!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Totally amazing shots.Love the low angle ones.

Melinda said...

Coy, those drifts are amazing..
Im with you on just embracing the beauty that surrounds us. If you just look, you will amazed.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I happen to know exactly where McConnellsburg is. I was born in Lewistown hospital and raised up in Juniata County. I come back home and visit every year. When I do, I stay at my grandmothers in East Waterford. Im sure you know where that is..
I was surprised to learn about the Elk in Pennsylvania. I really had no idea.
Once again, LOVE your blog and look forward to your wonderful pictures.
(Even tho it does make me homesick)


Montanagirl said...

Boy, I'll say! I like how your photos turned out of the blowing snow and snowdrifts.

Elaine said...

The key to keeping your spirits up in winter and during storms like this is to embrace it, and in doing that you see some incredible beauty. You captured the snowdrifts beautifully.

We don't often get the drifting snow in Interior Alaska, but I remember vividly one storm we had that drifted my driveway under about 4 feet of snow, and of course my husband was not at home but working up North.