Monday, March 29, 2010

Middle Creek Blue Goose

One of the more interesting birds we encountered during our Middle Creek visit was a dark phase snow goose. Once considered a separate species of goose and named the Blue Goose it is now recognized as a dark phase snow goose.

The pothole that contained the Northern Shovelers posted earlier also had a few normal white snow geese and this one dark phase feeding in it. Fortunately the restrictions at this pothole allowed visitors to walk to the edge of the water giving me the opportunity for reasonable close shooting with the 100-4000mm lens.

By setting the tripod at the water’s edge and keeping it low enough that I had to sit behind the camera I was able to capture this shot of the blue goose stretching its wings from the goose’s level. I try to avoid high angle shots whenever possible as I feel the perspective often more pleasing when the photograph is taken from a low angle.

Blogger note:
Like many of you I have been experiencing problems posting pictures with the new blogger post editor. I discovered that when entering “new post” from the dashboard that I am unable to upload photo directly to blogger. However if after logging into blogger, returning to my blog and then clicking “new post” at the top I get a post editor that works just fine. I’m sure this is just a bug that the good folks at blogger will fix soon but in the meantime I hope you all find this helpful.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Excellent.Also thanks for the advice with Blogger.

Montanagirl said...

Great photos! It's funny you should mention how you found a way around the posting problems. I stumbled on that same way of doing it when I posted the Geese photo today. I had gone out of blogger, over to Picasa, uploaded the photo to it, went back to my Blog, and just on a whim I clicked on "New Post" at the top, then picture icon, and it worked! Wonders never cease.

Chris said...

You visited a quite interesting place I've to say. beautiful pictures again with this nice water colors. interesting this dark-phase snow goose, i did not know about it!

Tom said...

Excellent pictures and explanation... thank you of the blogger info as well.

Unknown said...

Nice crisp picture.
Informative post


Brad Myers said...

Coy, I have enjoyed your photos from Middle Creek. I always enjoy my trip there, with the beautiful weather this weekend and a four day break I think it would be a good trip for me along with Wildwood Lake.

Like you I shoot the birds in the spring and enjoy it but I miss photographing the big game.

Enjoy the warm weather, Brad

Peggy said...

Nice angles indeed, Coy!

photowannabe said...

Its always a pleasure visiting your blog and seeing wildlife through your eyes. We have geese that fly over our house all the time on their way to who knows where but I have never seen the beautiful Snow goose. Thanks for the pictures.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

What a treat to see this dark-phased Snow Goose. They are such lovely creatures and the darker one, makes them even more special~