Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Morning on the Lake

The strong cold front that passed through our area Friday evening dropped temps from near 80F into the 40’s by Saturday morning.

When I first checked the sky the stars were shining brightly but by daylight dark brooding clouds were crossing the sky, a sure sign that high winds were soon to come. I snapped this shot at a moment when sunlight was streaming through the clouds lighting the mountain top beyond the lake. Although the lake was calm at the moment it would not stay that way long.

I was pleased to find that a common loon was present. I have not observed the numbers of loons this spring that I have come to expect with only one present during each sighting. Previous sighting have been of birds in breeding plumage but this bird still retains its drab winter feathers.

Near noon an immature bald eagle soared past the lake. Staying high in the sky riding on the strong air currents it did not take it long to fly from horizon to horizon. I clicked this image mostly for identification purposes as golden eagle has been sighted in our area recently.


Brad Myers said...

Coy I have been enjoying your spring time photos from the lake. You have captured many different birds in very nice natural settings. Photographing and watching birds can become very addictive. Two years ago would have never imagined spending time out trying to photograph birds.

Montanagirl said...

Our weather has been quite up and down lately as well. Sunday morning was the first morning without wind, and it was beautiful out! I went back out to observe the Sharp-tailed Grouse and take more pictures. It was a pleasant hour indeed.

Chris said...

Hi Coy,
Well done on the loon... Both species are already over here too, but they have not started to breed yet. Well done on the bald eagle anyway, I'd love to get this kind of picture too! I've been quite unsuccessful with eagles so far!!