Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wood Duck Family Portraits

A recent morning at the local wetlands proved to be very productive.

After changing my shooting location and improving my concealment the Wood Ducks have been much more cooperative. Although the hens are still a wary as ever, having youngsters to look out for has worked to my advantage. I photographed this hen and ducklings as they were passing by no more than twenty feet away.

Another hen with slightly larger ducklings approached from directly in line with the sun; catching me as I slowly turned the camera towards them. Unsure of the movement they had just seen they returned to cover but not before I was able to capture this backlit image.

This hen swam into view some twenty yards away giving me a good first shot complete with a decent reflection. 

The clicking of the camera's shutter drew her attention to me causing her to peer intently in my direction while moving her head from side to side trying to detect what was causing the strange sound.

This is the same family pictured in the first image of this series.  I captured this image as the hen led her little family away after becoming aware of the shutter sounds. 

I never really notice the click of the shutter when shooting scenic, family etc but when photographing wildlife close up the click becomes a loud resounding crash, a sound that wary wildlife such as these Wood Ducks are sure to notice and react to. 


Les Barr said...

These are some great shot's of the Wood Duck Family. I'll keep in mind what you've said about the camera shutter noise if I ever get the chance to photograph some wildlife.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You certainly got some excellent pictures. I too have noticed that shutter click and wonder just how loud it sounds to the birds.

Brad Myers said...

With all the technology you would think they could make it more silent when releasing the shutter. The Nikon D300s claims to have a silent mode but I have not been around one to find out.

Great photos as always Coy. I have been around looking I just have not had much free time lately. I do not know about you but after all the bird photography I am ready for a big game fix.

ML said...

Nice blog! will come back!

Anonymous said...

There isn't much of a way to soften the sound is there? I have tried a think piece of flexible foam and that did help but is a pain in the neck to cart around.

The wood ducks are beautiful that go well with your relatively new layout. Things seem to jump off the page. I notice momma wood duck has spotted you and is off on her way to a more secluded spot.

Did you ever see a snapping turtle take a duckling? They sure do.

FAB said...

Nice series of posts following the Wood Duck families progress. The Mandarins over here are especially shy and the 'click'..'click' always seems to be heard by anything I'm shooting. FAB.

photowannabe said...

You have captured such tenderness in your pictures. I love the soft little puffs of feathers. Wonderful lighting too.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Coy, these are all so very nice, yet the second one from the top, with the glow and the way the light is held back a bit, the subjects so serene, this could be an oil paint rendering, very warm and friendly~

Kerri Farley said...

Excellent captures!!

Susan Tidwell said...

Love your family portraits, the ducks seem like very cooperative subjects! Just surfin' and stumbled here, have a great day.

Misty DawnS said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that second photo Coy! That is just breathtaking!