Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pennsylvania Elk 2010

This young bull fed to withing a few yards of my position before bedding up for the day.

Not large by Pennsylvania standards; the symmetrical 6X6 antlers signify that this bull may have the potential to become an outstanding animal given a few more years to mature.  The photographs of this bull were taken in the hollow below the Porcupine Run - Winslow Hill viewing area merely yards from the boundary of elk hunt zone two.

Although I mostly find myself photographing bulls during my visits to Pennsylvania's Elk Country I do not pass up a good calf shot when it presents.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely wonderful images!

Montanagirl said...

Amazing shots! And that Header photo is just breathtaking!!! Love the little Calf too. He's looking pretty intently at something. Coy, I soooo enjoy your blog. I should get my husband to take me to your Elk Viewing area someday for the kind of photo-ops you get! I would LOVE that.

Mike B. @ said...

Beautiful animals. That first shot is an incredible closeup.

Anonymous said...

These are just fabulous shots, Coy. I like that young bull very much but the calf is wonderful too.

Misty DawnS said...

ALL of your photos and experiences are amazing! What an awesome post.

Peggy said...

Beautiful profile! Love the closeup!